Crane hire in Moranbah

SureLift Crane Hire is your premier crane hire and transport service in Moranbah. If you need crane and operator hire for mining, construction, industrial, or other use, contact us today to get a quote on short-term or long-term crane hire.

Available Cranes

We currently have 7 mobile cranes in our fleet. Each crane has licensed, trained operators to help you pick up and manoeuvre tricky loads into place. Our fleet of cranes currently consists of 2 Frannas and 4 slew cranes with different load capacities.
  • 20T
  • 25T
Slew cranes
  • 60T
  • 100T
  • 140T
  • 220T
Cranes Hire — Crane Hire & Transport in Moranbah, QLD

Mine Site Compliant Fleet

If you need crane hire or transport on a mine site in or around Moranbah, contact SureLift Crane Hire. We maintain site compliance with all mining sites around the area, even when we don’t have an existing contract at a particular site.  Read more

Spreader Bars & Man Baskets

When you’re lifting heavier angled sling loads, we have an option to use a spreader bar for greater stability and load safety. Our spreader bars help to distribute the weight of the load across the crane rather than focusing it ... Read more

Crane Choices & Quotes

If you’re not sure which crane to use for your project, we’ll send out an expert to survey the area and help you make an informed decision. Based on the load, environment and placement needs, we’ll recommend the best crane for ... Read more