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What’s the difference between a Franna and a slew crane?
Franna cranes are named after their original manufacturer. These are pick-and-carry type cranes that can lift loads and carry them directly to their destination. They are not intended to carry or lift some of the larger loads, but they are more versatile than larger mobile cranes. Frannas are road-safe, making them more useful for load transport.

Slew cranes are larger cranes and have more mobility options. They have a rotating mechanism at the base that allows loads to be spun around after they’ve been lifted. Slew cranes are useful for moving heavy loads around on-site, either for transport or for placement. Non-slewing cranes do not have the same fully rotational base but can lift the same load sizes. With a slew crane, you can’t carry the load directly to the destination, but you can lift larger loads than a Franna.

Do you need a special permit or training to operate a crane?

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